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Executive Chef interview questions for Informational interview:
- Tell me about your proudest achievement.
- What have you done to support diversity in your unit?
- Give an example of a time you successfully worked as Executive Chef on a team.
- Situation in which you had to arrive at a compromise.
- What's the best movie you've seen in the last year?
- Are you planning to continue your studies and training for Executive Chef?
- Have you ever had to deal with conflicting deadlines?

Your prospective employer's corporate web site is the best place to see the company as it wants to be seen. Answer honestly and don't forget you are selling yourself so make sure to put your best foot forward. Be careful and be positive. Describe more features that you liked than disliked.

Executive Chef interview questions for Basic interview:
- Does a leader need power or authority? How do you influence people?
- How do you establish good communication and information flow with others?
- What changes did you develop at your most recent employer?
- What is the most difficult situation you have faced?
- What do you see yourself doing within the first days as Executive Chef?
- What is the most difficult thing about working with you?
- Did you ever not meet your goals? Why?

Asking these interview questions helps determine the candidate's ability to learn from successes and failures. Remember, when you're interviewing, you are being screened for a certain skill set and cultural fit. During the Executive Chef interview, detailing how you work with others is important.

Executive Chef interview questions for Face to Face interview:
- How do you reach a decision if you don't have all the facts?
- Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?
- What motivates you to work as Executive Chef?
- What is your favorite memory from college?
- What's the best movie you've seen in the last year?
- On taking this Executive Chef job, what would be your major contribution?
- What motivates you to do a good job?

Executive Chef interview questions for Phone interview:
- How much preparation on files for trial do you do?
- Give me an example of when you involved others in making a decision.
- Do you find your job exciting or boring?
- What are three positive character traits you don't have?
- If selected for this Executive Chef position, describe your strategy for the first days?
- What problems have you encountered at work?
- How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?

Prior to any interview, you should have a list mentally prepared of your greatest strengths. Highlight past situations where you've managed frustration effectively. Start with the present and tell why you are well qualified for the position.

Executive Chef interview questions for General job interview:
- Describe a recent unpopular decision you made as Executive Chef
- How did you prepare for this Executive Chef job?
- What has been your biggest professional disappointment?
- How would you describe your work style?
- Example of a time you have placed yourself in a leadership position.
- What is your biggest regret and why?
- Could you describe a difficult problem and how you dealt with it?

Executive Chef interview questions for First interview:
- Example when you went above and beyond the call of duty.
- What features of your previous jobs have you disliked?
- How do you react to instruction and criticism?
- How do you think I rate as an interviewer?
- Do your skills match Executive Chef job or another job more closely?
- How do you usually solve problems?
- Why did you choose your major?

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